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Guaranteed Acceptance for $20,000 of TMA Member Critical Illness Insurance - No Questions Asked.*

At TMA Insurance Trust we believe that when you are sick, you need to focus your energy on getting well -- not on dealing with a financial crisis. A Critical Illness policy from TMA Insurance Trust will provide you with a lump-sum, tax-free cash payment sent directly to you.**

Between January 27th and March 1st, TMA Members under age 65 qualify for $20,000 of TMA Member Critical Illness coverage. Acceptance is guaranteed. No health questions will be asked. See our video for details.

Help fill the gaps in your health insurance coverage with TMA Member Critical Illness insurance. Click the button below to enroll easily online, no questions asked.


Or you can call 800-880-8181, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST, Monday - Friday to discuss your needs with one of our licensed insurance advisors. Or provide your contact information to set up a consultation.

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